Octave and the real world

Posted by Will Lau ® , Jul 03,2000,05:56 Post Reply   Forum

Now I guess we all agree this DP contest is going to yeild higher wpm than real world use as we become "automatic with the pattern".

I wonder if the Octave method gets a bigger boost in the contest as remembering the pattern becomes more of an advantage over regular Octave use. ie. in real life, dont you have to have 1/2 an eye on the predictive word area, and then 1/2 an eye on your octave pad, and maybe a quick flick on the actual text? I imagine that would slow you down a little more than a fitaly user.

I actually think FITALY is loses a little over graffiti in that you need to lock your eye onto the keyboard and you have stop to glimpse the text area sooner or later.


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