Change of Rules: Two Dom Perignon Awards

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Jun 29,2000,16:54 Post Reply   Forum

Change of Rules: Two Dom Perignon Awards

The current leading entry of the contest uses an innovative new way of using the Fitaly on the Palm. I have talked with its author and consider that his method is within the current defined rules (for example, it does not use macro expansion...). But there is a risk that other contenders staying within more conventional ways would be disappointed.

At the same time, while we are all interested in discovering the fastest possible way to enter text on a Palm, it is of special value to know the highest speed achievable by conventional techniques most likely to be used by most Palm users.

To remove any possible contention, we are amending the rules of the contest: There will be two Dom Perignon awards in the contest, instead of one. One will go to the best time achieved by conventional methods.

The other award will go to the best time, including other innovative methods, the only limitations being those already stated in the initial contest definition.

What is "conventional" or not will be determined without appeal by Hannes Frischat who monitors the contest. As we are going to try to post videos of the five best entries, it will be easy for everyone to confirm his good judgment. (Innovative methods will have to be disclosed at the end of the contest.)

Finally, it is quite possible that the two fastest entries will be both achieved with conventional methods. In such a case, both awards will go to these two entries.

Jean Ichbiah

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