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Posted by Jared Feddersen , Jun 29,2000,14:12 Post Reply   Forum

Well, I beat my old score by .43sec. I think this is about as good as I can do. For all of those disbelievers, I am trying to find a way to make an mp3 movie to post on the web. I have a way of using fitaly that I am not willing to give away yet. I may post how I do it during the final week of the contest to see how the competetion is then. I'm sure that Ken and Danny are probably using it the same way that I am.

I already talked to Jean Ichbiah (I believe; it was definitely somebody who works for Textware Solutions) about it and he said it is perfectly valid the way I am doing it. I will tell you this, though: THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE BETTER YOUR SCORE WILL BE! Also, when I am taping normally, I am probably around 50-60 WPM. I'll be honest -- the only reason I broke 75 WPM is because I have I have memorized exactly what has to be done to get that particular sentence in, and I have done it so many times that it has become second nature to me :) The good thing about this contest, though is now my normal taping has significantly improved also.

For those of you who were wondering what device it was done on, it was done on an old palm III. I beamed it over to my IIIc, because that's where I have my screen capturing software, hence the color picture :) If there are any other questions, feel free to e-mail me!

-Jared Feddersen

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