FitalyLetris for the Pocket PC - Version 1.1

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Tue, Dec 10, 2002, 20:09:05 Reply   Forum

You can now download an improved version of FitalyLetris - version 1.1, with several timing improvements, some display error corrections, and more complete tests. In particular, gone is the error that caused an occasional display of "Dom PerineonInfo" instead of the genuine "Dom Perignon"

Special thanks to Richard Owens and Erwin Franz who have provided several comments and valuable insights to Andrew Rackcheev to prepare this improved new release.

The only precaution to take before installing the new version is to go to Settings/Memory and stop FitalyLetris if it is currently running. Otherwise, this reinstallation will keep your current scores.

Jean Ichbiah
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