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I've knock up a VERY basic and simple program to do timings on the Sharp Zaurus, its only been tested with teh SHarp ROM (version 2.38) but it will probably work on other ROMS too.

The Zaurus timer program is available from (13Kb) it is a Zaurus terminal exe (i.e. no icon and it should be ran from the terminal (the Zaurus terminal can be obtained from ).

Or you can get it zipped from

You can then either unzip on the desktop or unzi pon the Z using Unzip for the Zaurus available from (ipk from )

To get the program on the Z either use ftp, disk shares (NFS or samba WIndow shares), sftp, Desktop sync, etc. Or even wget the file via te terminal on the Z (e.g. type in "wget ; chmod a+rx zaurus_timer). To run the program eiter place the exe i nyour path or run form th ecurrent diretory, e.g.:


As soon as it is started it outputs the text to type in and starts the timer, so start typing!
Once completed typing in (hit return to finish) the program will check if the text was entered in correctly and report the time taken + give feed back on whether it was typed in correctly. Example output

To take a screen shot of the result either use the scren shot applet ( or se th ebuilt in one, issue:

/usr/sharp.rom/bin/scshot don_result

This will save to a file starting with don_result with a number followed by a .bmp extension. You then need to get this converted into a GIF and upload to the web forum

You may want to select a small font for the terminal application.

Good luck!

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