New timer program ready: SIPTimer 1.1 for PocketPC (ARM, MIPS, & SH3)

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Here's a copy of the SIPTimer homepage:

This freeware program is designed to time data entry from the SIP, for the
Dom Perignon III contest
, which I'm not an official of. It was written in MS eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0, and is being released into the Public Domain as soon as the contest is over. Email me later for the source.

Download here (58.5KB exe install file for ARM, MIPS, or SH3)

Accepts input from any standard Soft Input Panel (SIP) Input Method (IM) into a regular text box, so MS Transcriber, Caligrapher,
Spb Full Screen Keyboard, etc. will work.
Later versions of Kilmist, or Typango, will probably work, but right now they only give input thru the clipboard (I'm working on a ClipTimer program to time these non-SIP IM programs).

It should install just like any other program. Someone with a MIPS or SH3 based device email and tell me if it works.

After installation, SIPTimer should be on your Start Menu:

Open the program:

Select your Input Method:

Hit "Start" and type a way! Hit "Stop" or enter when all typed in from SIP.

If you didn't complete correctly, it shows you where you made it to. Correct it and press "Stop" or enter again re-check it, or press "Reset" to start over at the welcome screen.

When you've completed correctly, it gives you your time and WPM (actual WPM for the 40 words, not standard 5-letter-word WPM). Note that you can have a space after the last period or not: it accepts both.

Also note that it shows what SIP IM you used (and won't accept pasted data).

Have fun and good luck! Email me or post on the DP III forum your comments.

-Richard L. Owens

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